About Jakob

My name is Jakob and I am 15 years old. For as long as I can remember, I have loved making things. I have also taken a lot of things apart to see how they work. I am becoming more interested in the design and engineering process. I have used these skills to create GyRings.
I made my first GyRing when I was 12. I was teaching myself CAD and wanted a simple project to practice the skills. As I combed the internet for ideas, I discovered a two-ringed form. An idea sparked in my head and I began to CAD the first generation GyRing. My first attempt was larger and awkward to hold, the edges were sharp and the tolerances too tight. But even in its first form, it was fun to play with. As a young active boy with ADHD, I realized that a small, quiet, fidget toy was a great idea. I continued designing and made it smaller with softer edges. I found myself carrying it around and playing with it often. As people made comments, I continued to improve the design. I noticed that people who held them, instinctively played with them. Conversations continued while people fidgeted away. It took several years and many iterations to create GyRings as it is today.